"Love's Found You And Me"

Words & Music by
Ed Bruce & Ronnie Rogers

- Chorus -
Just as sure as there's gold in California
A jukebox in Texas, guitars down in Tennessee
Just as sure as a peach grows in Georgia
We're gonna make it, love's found you and me

It's been a long time, a long time acomin'
And you've tried others, so have I
But love never touched me till you touched me
And you never saw love till you saw it in my eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

You can look to hard and overlook it
Never see the forest for the trees
Run your race to fast and never win it
But if love is a gamble, babe, I'll bet on you and me

(Repeat Chorus)

We're gonna make it, babe, love's found you and me

Published by Sony/ATV (Tree Publishing Co., Inc.) (BMI)/

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