"Girls, Women & Ladies"

Words & Music by
Ed Bruce, Ron Peterson & Patsy Bruce

There was only me and her and him
The bar was taking last call
So I thought I'd move on in
I was slick and feeling like a man
So I took the stool between them
And ordered one more round
For me and her…and him

I laid my arm across the back of her bar stool
Don't remember what I said
But at the time it sounded cool
She just pushed her drink away and never looked at me
She paid her tab, tipped the man
And left me sitting there
Alone…with him

- Chorus -
He said, "There's girls, there's women and there's ladies
There's yesses and nos and maybes
There's teasing and pleasing
They start learning when they're babies
There's girls, there's women and there's ladies"

He pushed his old straw hat back and he grinned
"Ain't they all mysteries
And, sonny, it's a sin
They're all sitting on the world
We're trying to win
But, Lord, I love a mystery
So let's drink another round
To me and you…and them"

(Repeat Chorus)

Published by Sony/ATV (Tree Publishing Co., Inc.) (BMI) /
Gingham Music Co./ Sugarplum Music Co.

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